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What We Do



A experienced team in pen test, forensic analysis and vulnerability assessment for various industries securing networks and systems.

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Provide services that include customizing software, hardware, networks, security and data management.

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Lectures + Paper

Presentations, papers + courses by James Shewmaker.  Available speaker for your event. Check out his instructor schedule @ SANS.

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Innovative Ideas

A random pot of ideas cooking we internally test.  Inspiration is followed after our coffee, bacon, or chocolate consumption meetings.


About Us

Our Company

Bluenotch Corporation is a key leader in the information security industry.  We provide custom services:  SOFTWARE design, write, “glue”, standard modification, maintenance, and technical support; HARDWARE design specifications, maintenance, and technical support; NETWORKS design, maintenance and technical support; SECURITY forensic analysis, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment; DATA MANAGEMENT data entry, storage, conversion, and customized reporting via NOTCHBOX Framework.  Former PROJECTS > Netwars and other Hacking Assessment Test Labs.

Executive Biography

James Shewmaker has over 15 years experience in IT, primarily developing appliances for automation and security for broadcast radio, internet, and satellite devices.  He is one of the first GIAC Platinum certified Malware (GSM) experts.  James is a founder and active consultant for Bluenotch Corporation which focuses on investigations, penetration testing, and analysis. He is a SANS principal instructor and has contributed to courseware in various SANS courses including Security Essentials and Reverse Engineering Malware:  Advanced Techniques. James most recent focus has been as the primary architect for a hybrid Capture-the-Flag and King-of-the-Hill attack and defense challenge.

@jimshew + linkedin.com/in/jimshew


Interactive Cyberdefense

– Skilltest for individual or business
– GAMUT proprietary engine
– Interface allows for creation, use, and maintenance of scenario assets

Bunker011 Gameplay

– Recommend latest Firefox or Chrome browser
– Browser plugins unnecessary
General chat > irc.freenode.net @ #bunker011

Lecture + Writing

– SANS Community + Conferences
– Courses
– Presentations
– Lectures

Client Connect

– info@bluenotch.com
– 562.726.2583
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Accomplishment and Experience. We specialize in client customization.