Bye Bye 2015

In 2015, we drank a lot of Stumptown Coffee – roughly 900 homebrewed or take away cups and thirty 12oz whole bean bags bought.  It feuled a busy year as we worked around the world clock. We reminisced about the 2000s – everything from our involvment of Y2K radio reprogramming, The Great Translator Invasion, and the time the office got burglarized and the thieves took all the junk computers saved for an e-recycle drop off (yes!) and stole all the bottled water (shortage / drought in California?!) Needless to say, we have accumulated a lot of stories over the years.

In the cliché of looking back, I realize that there are a lot of projects and lists unfinished to complete in 2015 – two days left! Prioritizing critical events and client visits, come first over completing tasks like “You know < pause > I really need to update a wiki page!” or “Can we set up our twitter to order?” And at the same time, those seem faster and easier to do in 10 minutes than what has been on our bucket lists. Anyone want to be an intern? Hah. I guess sipping coffee in 10 minutes became a priority and we had to put down the keyboard while drinking (fear of spillage).  All jokes aside, we look forward to 2016. Happy New Year.  + | shew |

+ I’ve been focused in 2015 on crafting malicious documents and VM forking.

It’s now been 10 years teaching at SANS Check out SEC660: Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploit Writing, and Ethical Hacking course and lead author Stephen Sims 

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