stumptown at sidecarNERD TALK  requires more espresso.  And since it’s late, ahem early am and we are up wrestling technical fun time warps, I’ll save my eloquent thoughts for the mid morning first jumpstart shot of caffeine.  Thank you Sidecar, Stumptown, Rose Park, and even in the pinch, Starbucks for the assists.

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UPDATE 15.48 |  A Nice SRP Circumventing Trick | During a recent penetration test, my goal was to smuggle data around out of a hardened virtual application.  This particular test, included a vApp designed to restrict everything not needed to display and edit a Word document.  Between Group Policy Objects and Software Restriction Policies, there were practically no third-party applications available to manipulate, and most Windows internal programs were either removed or hijacked by a Digital Rights Management DLL.

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